More than just boards ...

Hard to believe, but we didn’t come into the world as schier boards. It has been a very long way to this day, on which we have learned a lot and built up a large network. As a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a trained technician and entrepreneur, we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and experience. Since we as a company and people are constantly developing, we want to support you with our service and let you participate.


Through years of work at the German Aerospace Center, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of research, development and engineering of fiber composite components.

From basic work processes such as milling, component production and surface coating to production planning, conception and implementation of projects and components, we can support you with your ideas and projects.


From the packaging to the semi-finished product to the finished product, we have built up an extensive international network in recent years and gained experience in importing goods and services.

Especially with producers, dealers and computer scientists from Asia and South America, we have had very good experiences and implemented great results.

If necessary, we will be happy to provide you with our network or take care of your needs completely.


For the founding, financing and development of the Schier Boards brand, we went through many processes that do not always make life as a young entrepreneur easy and take up unnecessary time.

In addition, we have extensively familiarized ourselves with the online presence on social media platforms and (online) marketing.

If you want to focus more on your core business, we would be happy to take over your work in this area.


An attractive appearance and design, in short a corporate identity, is always part of building a company image. Since a lot of things revolve around colors, shapes, appearances, photos and videos for us, we can also draw on a broad knowledge and a lot of experience in this area.

For the individual design of products or the appearance on social media platforms, you have to spend a lot of time that can be better used elsewhere.

With photo shoots (whether for the online presence, a product presentation or other occasions), image films and the creation of digital media, we take this work off your hands.


The range of services in the field of CNC milling work includes the complete production of complex special parts or series parts up to extension parts for vans, campers and mobile homes as well as pieces of furniture for industry made of wood, carbon or plastic.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our know-how in the field of CFRP CNC machining, we are also a competent and reliable partner in this area.

If you are curious privately or as a company how we would solve your challenge, then please write to us or call us directly. We are excited!