We are Lars and Philipp and we are Schier Boards.

SCHIER has been around for about 10 years now. Initially rather curious, without a real (business) plan and just for fun next to the main job. For a few years now we have outgrown our infancy. We have kept the “just for fun” but also built up the necessary business around it and a functioning company.

We got to know each other at our former employer, the German Aerospace Center. As a research engineer and technical operations manager, we have around 25 years of experience in the field of fiber composites, manufacturing and production technologies, sensors, digitization and much more that the research landscape has to offer. The development of large components such as aircraft fuselage shells, wing shells and rotor blades for wind turbines were part of our everyday work. There was also a half-finished doctoral thesis in the room.

Why the hell would you give up a dream job like that?

Very easily. Out of passion, love and devotion. Maybe a little too, because we’re the kind of guys who always want to know everything better.

The great feedback from customers, the sales figures and all the differences and unique selling points compared to other manufacturers ultimately gave the decisive point. We could hardly have imagined a better chance of being able to live out our hobby and career in a self-determined manner in our own company. And counting wakeboarding and kitesurfing as work time is probably not the worst way either. In addition, you get the opportunity to do everything differently that bothers you privately about other companies.

“Do differently” is exactly the keyword here. There is no need for a hundredth board brand that has its boards manufactured and sells them via stylish marketing. A brand is needed that does everything differently and responds more to quality, sustainability and individual customer requirements. And that’s us!

With our background in aerospace, we try to meet these (our and your) requirements. We build boards (wake and kite) exclusively with carbon materials. Although they are a bit more expensive for us, they increase the performance, the fun and, above all, the durability of the board. We also use a sintered UHMW-PE grindbase. This is also a lot more expensive than conventional materials, but lasts much longer. We try to combine the best quality with long durability.

In the current, the need for sustainability should have reached everyone. We have our own definition of sustainable board production. The use of solar or green electricity is not enough for us. For this we work together with companies from our area. We use carbon materials from the aerospace industry that are no longer needed to build the boards. We use foils and paper, which are ready for the garbage, as outer packaging. And last but not least, we manufacture 90% on demand. Production on customer order to avoid unnecessary overproduction. In any case
the list is long and we try to expand it wherever possible. If you are interested in the topic, you are welcome to visit us at the company at any time.

We sell our products almost exclusively directly and online. With the exception of some partner shops. This entails many challenges and obligations – but more importantly, we always have direct contact with each and every one of you. Your feedback is always incorporated immediately and you can be part of the development of schier boards. Above all, this closeness and service is what our customers value most. We are also trying to further develop this bond through our test tour.

From year to year we are increasing our test tour. Besides, the tour is our most important and favorite marketing tool. Nowhere else do you come into contact with (potential) customers, get to know and, above all, love the most diverse types of customers and cable owners. And also for us with our crew it always feels more like a summer festival than it is work.

Basically, we’ve always said that if we do something, it just has to be great! We’ve worked our ass off in this way for years and are trying to live our dream. We still have an incredible number of ideas that we want to and will implement and are simply looking forward to the next few years.

See you soon,
Lars and Philip




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