...describe Schier Boards as a brand and as a product. A board that is light and agile, but at the same time powerful and robust. A board which can be individually designed in terms of design and specs. A board wich is also sustainable and is produced in Germany. Customer service, which is most important for us.

That is our claim – convince yourself!


– Paulownia wood core
– Carbon Layers (0°, +-45°)

The core of our boards consists of super-light, stable and fast-growing paulownia wood. As a sandwich with several layers of carbon, the board gets its lightness and agility, as well as the ultimate pop/flex. The fiber orientation of the carbon layers at 0° and +-45° ensures optimal performance in every situation. At Schier, every single board is built exclusively and completely with high-quality carbon material.

– Channels at tip and tail

For better grip when landing, channels can be integrated at the tip and tail. Especially with blind or sketchy landings, the channel gives you a little more guidance and security. The center area is flat, so that it is not possible to jam on the channels on obstacles. In addition, the grindbase wears out less and more evenly compared to a shape with channels in the center area. In contrast to the channel board, the flat is a bit more agile and manoeuvrable. You have the choice between more agility or a little more safety when landing. It’s best if you try it out for yourself!

– Shockproof edge
– Special edge grinding
– Selectable edge colour
– Edge repairable

The bumper edge is cast from one piece with polyurethane. It is extremely robust, impact resistant and protected against UV radiation. Due to the special edge grinding, your Schier Board glides stably through the water and provides best grip in the curves. This makes it easier for you to build up high pressure on the edge. Above all, air tricks can be approached better and more precisely. In addition, the edge protrudes from the board, so the board itself is always protected by the edge. If the worst comes to the worst, this can simply be repaired.

– Fully sintered base (Polyurethan)
– Toughest base on the market

This grindbase is schier! Through our old network from the aerospace industry, we found a manufacturer who is the only one who can produce fully sintered foils in the required board dimensions. When comparing several materials, you can see how resistant UHMW-PE is compared to conventional grind base materials. This makes us the only producer to use a fully sintered and extremely durable grind base that lasts for many seasons. Thats, why you get 1 year warranty to that. In addition, you glide quickly and evenly on obstacles.

Choose 1 of 3 flex options

The soft flex/strong>
Mainly used for the park. Due to the softer board, presses can be performed playfully.

The medium flex
Is the jack of all trades at Schier. The board is soft enough for presses and playing on the obstacles. But furthermore and thanks to the carbon construction it has so much pop that you can easily jump high ollies and air tricks. By the way, our best-selling flex.

The hard flex
Is mainly for the boys and girls in the air. Due to the high resilience of the carbon fibers, particularly high ollies and air tricks can be triggered with the hard version. In addition, the hard flex is perfect as a boat board. Finns can always be ordered.

Hybrid Rocker
With the Hybrid Rocker you have a flat base for a playful and homogeneous gliding over obstacles. The continuously tapering tip and tails ensure soft landings and tight turns. The pronounced rocker puts you a little deeper in the water when you land and gives you more grip. The best of the continuous and the 3 stage rocker combined.

Your own design, designed by you.
Give your creativity and your wishes free rein and realize yourself on your board. There are hardly any limits! Just use the design guide. Please pay attention to copyright-protected graphics. If you have any questions or support, we are always there for you.

Your own design, designed by us.
Do you already have your desired design in mind, but need help with the implementation? We create your individual design according to your ideas. Just write to us in advance and we will discuss your ideas together.

Shop and configurator boards
Of course you can also order a ready-made board directly from us in the shop. We always have an up-to-date selection of hot and up-to-date designs in the shop for you. Of course, you can also put your board together in the configurator. To do this, you put together one of our designs with your desired edge color and base. We then start directly with the production.

As a Schier customer, you always get the best service from us. So we not only help you with advice or design – we also take care of your board if something breaks after a crash. Usually, we get every board repaired and only need just one week for it. For us, service also means that you can always reach us on all channels on social media or on phone.

As the Schier Boards company, we stand for quality with our name and our roots in the aerospace industry. As people and characters we stand for trust and a product to be used for exactly what it is built and advertised for – for the park, for rails, jumps, just plain fun. We believe that if you build a product for this sport, it should work and be sustainable – at least that’s what we as customers would expect. That’s why we give a 1-year warranty against basic damages such as the grindbase or inserts ripping out. We want you to be able to enjoy your board without having to worry about it.