Rick Löbig

I am Rick Löbig

About Me

First Name: Rick

Last Name: Löbig

Date of birth: 09.05.2009

I ride wakeboard since: 2019

Homecable: Pinapplewakepark Rossau

Do you also ride on other cables?
Yes, in the summer I often visit other cables in Germany as well

Do you have favorite cables? (worldwide)
Hipnotics | 313 Cable Park | ESC Thai Wake Park | <a href="https://dock5.eu" target="_blank" rel="noopener"Dock 5

Why do you wakeboard?
At wakeboarding I just love all the nice people. But also that you can just switch off from everyday life, but that I also have my peace on the water. Denoch makes it mega fun to practice with friends or just to make nonsense.

What are your 3 Favorite Tricks?
#S-Mobe   #315   #Switch Mobe 5

What are your goals in wakeboarding?
For 2023 I have not yet planned much, but I want to learn new tricks again in any case.

What were your biggest contest successes?
So far I have not so many but that should change in the season.

What do you think of the YOUNGGUN project?
I think it's mega cool, the Younggun group is also mega nice and it's fun to practice new tricks with them. I also find it mega that Schierboards has such a cool project and supports young people.

Your strengths?
I am ambitious, when I start a new trick I stay on it and don't give up right away.

Your weaknesses?
I'm a little impatient sometimes, which is my downfall when it comes to some tricks.

3 things you can not live without?
#Wakeboarding   #Food   #Air

Who have you always wanted to say thank you to?
My parents, because they have also always financed everything until now and make a plant tour with me in their summer vacation.